Bringing real commercial value to companies wanting to make first steps in Western Europe or bringing revenues to a next level.

My Profile

Experienced and driven salesprofessional with thorough knowledge of xSP’s, channel, security and a good understanding of IT in general.

Long term sales experience in a broad range of roles. From Enterprise sales to sales management to setting up business in a new region.

Key words are building and entrepreneurship. Able to make things happen. Multiple Presidentsclub winner in US companies. Comfortable working through multi-level sales.

Experience in dealing with large companies as also with more start-up environments.


Building business in a broad sense. Acquiring first customers, setting up a team and leading them to success.

My logo

The part I like is growing business. How to illustrate that better than with a tree?

My Experience

Sales and salesmanagement in B2B and B2B2C sales. Key experience with xSP's like KPN, Ziggo, Vodafone, UPC, Proximus, Telenet, T-Mobile and big Enterprise companies in banking, consultancy, production and other

About me

A very professional, successful and driven sales person who loves to build business.  Clear selfstarter.

Great teambuilder, who is respected by the team and can bring a team to a next level.

Analytical and highly effective in approach. Dedicated, reliable and loyal in personality.

Now available for longer and short-term commercial projects.